Prof. Mirko Meboldt

Advisor. Co-initiator of the project. Head of Product Development Group at ETH Zürich.

PD Dr. med. Clemens Schiestl

Medical Advisor. Co-initiator of the project. Head of the center for burn injured children, plastic & reconstructive surgery at the University Children's Hospital Zurich

Frank Kerschen

Advisor. Accomplished CFO with 15 years experience in large organisations such as Ernst & Young, IWG and Procter & Gamble

Markus Ott

Advisor. Market Access and Policy expert for medical devices. Member of the executive board at MedTech Europe

Anthony Le Naour

Advisor. Experienced Medical Device Quality & Regulatory professional. Worked with start-ups and large companies dealing with all classes of devices & combination products

Stephan Fox

Advisor. Co-initiator of the project. PHD candidate in Prof. Meboldt's group. Working on automation of skin cell cultivation within University Medicine Zurich Flagship Project Skintegrity